Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Contest Entry.

Wow..time sure flies by when you're not having hun. Lol not really, but I can't believe that over a month has passed since I last posted. Lots of stuff going on, being under the weather, and recently I wanted to try a little something and entered my first Christmas Contest. It was a nail art and makeup contest, and I won. I was so excited I did a little happy dance, and somehow it came about at a time that I needed a little something fun and positive, so I appreciated it all the more. So for this post I am just posting a few of my contest entries. 

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkins and Grapes - Nail Art

One of the few regrets that I have is not taking photos of the numerous nail art designs I did before I chopped them off yet again. I am no pro, but I just enjoyed experimenting with various colors and textures on my nails. I used them as my canvas. Luckily I happened to find a few and thought I would share. All I used was orange and purple nail polish, a few crystals and glitter. At some point I will have to get a photo of the matching dress and shoes I wore that day to a ceremony.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Rihanna California King Bed Inspired Makeup Look - For Dark Girls.

This is my first celebrity inspired makeup tutorial and it was only fitting to do one of my favorite looks, which was the dewy peachy-pink look Rihanna displayed in the music video the California King bed. She looked absolutely gorgeous in that video and I thought it was not only pretty, but suitable to wear during the day. Now Rihanna is of a totally different complexion than I, and I don;t usually see ladies with dark skin doing looks that actually look similar to the look, so I decided to make an amateur attempt.

For this look , I used the Profusion Sheer eyeshadow palette that I previously reviewed
-I used The dark brown eyeshadow to cover my entire lid.
-I then dabbed a little of the orange shade in the middle of the lid over the dark brown to brighten it.
-The third eyeshadow I used was the rusty pink in the crease of my eyes and I blended this out, with a dark matte brown to further accentuate the crease.
- After this, I thinly lined my top lid using LA Colors Black eyeliner pencil and the bottom lid with white.

Since Rihanna’s look was so soft and glowing, I applied only a little foundation over the dark areas of my cheeks.  For the blush, I opted for 2 of my favorite La Femme Blushes. I contoured with Sienna, and used Peach Sparkle on the apple of my cheeks.

 I finished off the look with my lips using a Jordana lipstick in Natural with a dab of Milani lipstick in Rose Hip (Pink) blended in to give a peachy nude lip.
Styled my hair, and the my interpretation of this look was complete.

Thanks for looking. I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

La Femme Blushes! So Long Mac and Nars, we have a winner.

What can I say about La Femme Blushes that have not already been said?

They are simply Amazing!! The collection offers almost 50 different shades of blushes to choose from, and the super pigmentation and quantity (5.5 grams) you get get for the mere price of US$2.50 (BDS$5.00) is utterly rediculous (but in a good way hahah).
 I bought 10 of these shades and every one of these is flattering and shows up nicely on my dark (Revlon Colorstay- Caramel, Mac NC50) skin. My only regret is that Russet, Peach and Bordeaux were out of stock at the time I made my purchase.

Even better? They can be used as eyeshadows, which was the whole point of me purchasing the red blush to try out as an eyeshadow.

The top Row:  Orange, Coral, Golden Sunset, Peach Sparkle, Red
Bottom Row: Magenta, Purple Passion, Plum Passion, Cinnabar, Sienna

These have soft silky textures: Peach Sparkle, Purple Passion, Plum Passion, Cinnabar and Peach.
The other shades have have a slightly grainier texture.

The colors displayed in the photo are fairly accurate to the real shade. Each blush lightly swatched (look at that color payoff) on dry skin, without the aid of primers. Magenta, Red and Purple Passion were the most highly pigmented blushes and need to applied very lightly when using.
Sienna ,Cinnabar and peach sparkle are my favorites and can be worn daily for a completely natural glow.

These blushes can be purchased here .

Thank you for looking, and check back soon. Next topic will show 2 of these blushes applied in a celebrity inspired look.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inexpensive Makeup for a high end look - Profusion Palettes US$1.50

I love a bargain as much, or perhaps even more than most people. It can be unusual pencils, pieces of fabric and even makeup. That brings us to my little review today. I picked up 2 mini shimmer palettes from the 3 DOLLAR STORE here in Barbados awhile back, and I am finally getting around to reviewing them. These little babies cost only BDS $3.00 (US$1.50) and are worth every penny and more. I love every single eyeshadow and each of them are very pigmented and with a primer even more beautiful. They have fairly smooth textures, apply smoothly and they lasted for the 6 hours I tried them out for. Primers, primers, I cannot stress enough how the most inexpensive eyeshadow that you might throw away will pop with the right primer. Btw all swatches were done on bare dry skin with no primer. Oh yeah and the blushes are aweful and so are the brushes...they can be used to crafts instead of throwing away.

Anyhow onto the pics.

 Sniff...somehow one got broken.

This is the "Profusion 10 color eyeshadow" palette. Colors are shimmery and more beautiful in person.
Top row shades: Pearly White, Orange, Golden Yellow, Deep Beige,Golden Brown
Bottom row shades: Rusty Pink,Pale Pastel Pink, Pale Olive green, Rick Cappuccino Brown, Light Brown

Swatches, I love the top row especially and the rusty pink in the bottom row.

This is the "Profusion Sheer Eyeshadow & Pearl Eyeshadow and Blush" Palette.
Top Row Shades: Dark Brown, Vanilla, 2 blushes (aweful), Deep Golden Orange, Moss Green
Bottom Row Shades: Gold, Copper, the same blushes again, Ivory, Silvery  Olive Green.
The shades are all beautiful swatched  on my bare skin. The blushes are utterly useless and appear ashy and are very powdery.

Final Verdict - I love it and for the price you can't beat it. I hope this helps someone and soon I will post a photo of some shades applied.

Thanks for looking and see you again soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Purple Passion DIY chained sleeve

 Hey everyone, I missed posting for such a long while and I have so many things to share, but just to get the time. Sometime back I acquired this lovely purple printed dress from Evans. It fit abit more snugly than I was comfortable with, and so I paired it with leggings. Did I ever mention that I NEVER wear sleeveless outfits? Well I don't and for some it may be silly, but this was a big deal for me purchasing this one shouldered dress...but something was missing. Yeah I am starting to like "more loud" and "less simple"  so I came up with an idea. I started out trying to make a capelet out of chains...FAIL...and then I figured a better and easier solution would be to make a chained sleeve. Well I did and an hour or so later....

and then I paired it with an ear lace set that I made!

Dress: Evans
Earlace: Handmade
Shoulder Armor Sleeve: Handmade
Ring: Bijoux
Boots: UK Store.

Thanks for looking. See you again soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Back

I have been one for over a month, and I am finally returning after being sick for a long while. Right after my last post about Animekon, the day after in fact, I became so ill that I had to go to the hospital. The recovery time after that was slow, but luckily I was on vacation and had much rest. Look out for a new post this week.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Animekon 2011 was epic (Gothic Lolita Doll and Madara)

This event just finished, and I am already thinking about what will happen next year. Animekon is a new pop culture convention that is now in it's second yea in Barbados. Everyone who loves Japanese animations, cartoons, science fiction novels, action movies, video games etc made an appearance at this event. They had a whole range of art work which was very impressive and my friend Ian won for his "Angel of Death" depiction . There was a panel discussion with  Eddie Berganza from DC comics and Industrial Light and Magic (the special effect team in such movies as Transformers). They even had some old school Mario Kart and Street Fighter on super nintendo lol, and people enjoyed themselves on stage dancing to X box kinect. The real event I was looking forward to, was the cosplay competition which we were preparing for. Unfortunately we got there too late to sign up, as they only had 15 spots available and so my bf was unable to enter the competition.  I went as a Gothic Lolita Doll, and he went as "Madara" from the anime Naruto. We put together everything within a few days, so it was a rush down to the very last minute lol. I felt so proud of how his costume came out especially since it was made head to toe from scratch..well except the eyes of course.

Well on to the pics : ) as usual the batteries just died out before we were able to get pics of some of the other cosplayers, but I will see if I can get some from a friend and post later.

Now I will never cut bangs in my actual hair again after the last disaster a few years ago by my hairdresser. I hated them and it seemed like it took forever to grow out. I came across this cute wig, and figured it would look cute with bags, so after watching tutorial on youtube, this was the final verdict. I did not bother putting in pink temporary hair spray  and  I did not want to deal with how weird it felt against my skin and in my face when I was not feeling well, so I wore it to the convention in a bun.

Do I look hypnotized?

and just for fun

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

G21 Blue Spotty Dress

I wanted this dress for a few months and was finally able to get it. I had actually preferred the same styled dress with the pink leopard pattern, but nonetheless I like this very much as well. I find peplum dresses so flattering on almost any shape, but will shall see if this dress from fits into that category. Now the dress is a snug little number that runs mid thigh length, and the material is alot thinner than I thought, so I am thinking of pairing with leggings, but what about a pop of another color? I was thinking of red, but that reminded me too much of superman. What other colors could I wear with this dress besides black and blue?

Btw, does anyone know how to go about making a collage of pictures like you see in magazines with the clothing, shoes and jewelry?

Thanks for looking : )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stark Whiteness Dress - Everything doesn't suit you.

Today's outfit is not one of my favorites I confess. I bought this white dress last year from forever21, and had never gotten around to wearing it since I am afraid of white and there was never an appropriate occasion. I figured I would give it a wear this time around. It came with a thin white belt but I did not like how snug that was and it lifted the already short dress abit higher than I felt comfortable with. I decided to add abit of color to the stark whiteness and used a purple belt, purple flower earrings and purple plaid headband to do this. The dress is cute, but I just felt like this one was "not me". I am sure someone else could rock this and make it look just lovely, but I just felt uncomfortable with the fit and look of it .Maybe I'm just not suited to primarily white outfits...

Dress: forever21
Shoes: Kmart
Headband: Torrid
Earrings: Store in Barbados
Necklace& Bangle: Store in Barbados

Thank you for looking.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Classic Black and White

You can't imagine how good it felt to finally go out and sing. I have been sick for so long, and even though I am not 100 percent yet, to be able to go out and sing lifted my mood so much. I ended up singing one of my favorite songs "Listen" by Beyonce, and trying "ET" and "Whip My Hair" for the first time. Let's just say I'll never be trying Whip My Hair again...I sounded aweful lol. I had my outfit all planned out , but ended up changing my mind, and going for the more toned down skinny jeans and a black and white animal print top with cut out sleeves. I just threw on the only pair of white earrings I could find, even though they did not match lol (note to self buy some white/silver earrings)

Here is also a back profile photo of what the top  looks like pulled down long like a tunic. I was just trying it on the first time a couple months back when I first got it.
 The Spiked bracelet and huge owl ring I wore (on separate hands ofcourse :D).


Top: 121Avenue
Skinny Jeans: Torrid
Ring: Forever21
Earrings/Spiked Bangle: Store in Barbados
Eyeshadow: 120 Palette
Thanks for Looking :)