Friday, October 14, 2011

Rihanna California King Bed Inspired Makeup Look - For Dark Girls.

This is my first celebrity inspired makeup tutorial and it was only fitting to do one of my favorite looks, which was the dewy peachy-pink look Rihanna displayed in the music video the California King bed. She looked absolutely gorgeous in that video and I thought it was not only pretty, but suitable to wear during the day. Now Rihanna is of a totally different complexion than I, and I don;t usually see ladies with dark skin doing looks that actually look similar to the look, so I decided to make an amateur attempt.

For this look , I used the Profusion Sheer eyeshadow palette that I previously reviewed
-I used The dark brown eyeshadow to cover my entire lid.
-I then dabbed a little of the orange shade in the middle of the lid over the dark brown to brighten it.
-The third eyeshadow I used was the rusty pink in the crease of my eyes and I blended this out, with a dark matte brown to further accentuate the crease.
- After this, I thinly lined my top lid using LA Colors Black eyeliner pencil and the bottom lid with white.

Since Rihanna’s look was so soft and glowing, I applied only a little foundation over the dark areas of my cheeks.  For the blush, I opted for 2 of my favorite La Femme Blushes. I contoured with Sienna, and used Peach Sparkle on the apple of my cheeks.

 I finished off the look with my lips using a Jordana lipstick in Natural with a dab of Milani lipstick in Rose Hip (Pink) blended in to give a peachy nude lip.
Styled my hair, and the my interpretation of this look was complete.

Thanks for looking. I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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  1. You did a great job! I love the color on your eyes and you hair looks amazing! Thank you for your comment! Kiah