Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red and Black - Barbados Music Awards

I'm a few months late, but better late than never.The Barbados Music Awards has been held in Barbados annually since 2005, and this would have been my first time going to this event. Now I knew this would be a "dress affair" and all the ladies shined in their gorgeous $600 dresses, dripping jewels and 5 inch heels. I confess I felt a tad bit under dressed lol, but I still loved my outfit. I had this little gem of a Torrid dress stored away for two years. I bought it knowing full well it was a size or 2 too small, but I liked it so much I had to have it for when it finally could, and I so happened to try it on this time around and it fit. FYI the bust of the dress was stitched up about 3 inches as this was a very low cut dress.

The show was very well done. I did not know many of the awardee's and I confess to never hearing some of the singers before, but everyone seemed deserving of their respective awards and performed very well .Faith Evans was the guest performer and she sang some of her most popular songs from the past,and even though she did not dress the part, her singing was awesome! Maybe I'll be there next year and hopefully Tamia will come next time as was promised.

 and of course I had to include a photo of how I did my nails and the bling lol.

and here's a blurry pic of Faith Evans singing, unfortunately this was the best shots I could get.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bon Voyage Miami - Some outfits from vacation

So you may be thinking, hey she's uploading posts very often, but I'm trying to make this a routine so that in a few weeks my blog will not be stagnant. due to my forgetting I decided to put up some photos of a few of the outfits I put together for the trip I went on awhile back to Miami. It was a wonderful trip and the cruise was the icing on the cake. We passed through Cozumel Mexico, Hondorus, Belize, and the Cayman Islands. The food was pretty good..especially the ice-cream/yogurt  which I ate every single day, sometimes twice a day. I have lots of photos of different areas I could put up, but for now, this will just be about fashion. My favorite pieces came from MADRAG, Forever21, Marshalls, Rainbow, and dots. You will notice the black shorts (my first shorts ever!) quite often, I loved these so much, I bought 2.

I loved this top from Rainbow so much! It was cool and so comfortable in Miami's hot weather. The sides also had a drawstring so you could adjust the length of the sleeves. I got the cute bow headband from forever21. I'm still mourning the loss of the purple one I left at the hotel :(.

Forgive the wet spot, spilled some water ;) I got this comfortable top from Marshalls in a lovely teal color. The earrings are threaded earrings I got from a shop in Barbados.


 Yup, I'm wearing them again, coupled with a beige jacket and pink tank from Dots.

Ok..I know..the lipstick is a no no. This was the first time I ever wore pink lipstick..and it was pretty bright, but after I got the tan..well...I won't make this mistake again lol.

I got this dress from Torrid. I love this especially paired with a wide belt. It's so girly!


There is a story behind this animal print dress that I wore to a night of Karaoke on the cruise. I bought it from Torrid, and I knew I would not wear it the way it came, since it was too long and I like having sleeves. Solution? a few inches were cut off the bottom of the dress and added to the sleeves :)

and finally..what I wore to the Captain's ball. My favorite evening dress, by Adrianna Papelli.

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Fräulein 8 Colors GeL Cream Eyeliner Eyeshadow.

   When I first came across these Fraulein gel liners on ebay, I knew US $13.30 for 8 gel liners was too good of a deal to pass up, and good thing I did because the next day the price went up. Gel pots usually sell for US$6 each. All 8 gel liners are creamy, vibrant colors, and most of all waterproof. The colors stay on all day and work great as not only eyeliners, but eyeshadows and bases!

They came in these adorable tiny purple boxes and the jars were all sealed.

 Except for the turquoise gel liner, all of these are true to the colors in the pots. The turquoise came off as a shimmery silver with a minimal hint of blue..not what I was expecting. My favorite colors, would have to be the fuschia, gold, purple and blue. These 4 colors are the most pigmented and stand out beautifully on my darker skin tone.

This picture does not show the full vibrancy of the colors!

LEFT            RIGHT
purple                 white (matte)
gold                    fuschia
cobalt blue           turquoise
silver                  peach

I am wearing cobalt blue on my lower eyelid which is a close dupe for MAC's Paintpot Electric Sky.

These are definitely a keeper and can be purchased at fraulein. I have also seen similar versions to these on ebay, coming from Hong Kong such as from notebook.edge.

Thanks for looking, and please follow my blog for regular updates :).

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dinner at Hilton Hotel - Some of favourite outfits from the past. (Part 3)

Dinner at the Hilton. Now this is what we call a dress affair here. As long as you hear dinner at the Hilton, expect to see all the ladies and gents decked out in their finest, sparkling from head to toe. Even I tried a little thing or two, but I kept my bling to a minimum as expected. I had won this adrianna papell dress awhile back on ebay, and while I did not LOVE it, there was something about it that called to me. When I first tried it was soo blahh..but then I had an idea..why not cut the bottom layer of the dress and make flutter sleeves? I'm short anyhow, standing 5 feet 2.5 inches (I must claim every inch I can lol), and doing that was the perfect solution. Before the dress fit like a sack with no shape, and was a tad too long. After the simple alteration I was in love, and wished I could find this style in every color.

So first of, I am going to show you what the dress looked like as advertised on Nordstrom. Looking at it now..I see why I got it for a mere $30US on ebay.

Now here is what it looks like on me, after the last layer was cut off and added to the sleeves. I felt beautiful that night, and was even brave enough to try these green shoes I borrowed from my mom. I bought them as a gift for her, but they did not fit..they fit me..but..after an hour I was nearly dead. My feet never hurt so bad and I breathed a sign of relief when the dinner was over and I could take them off and sit down lol.

I probably would have worn different shoes then knowing what I know, but everyone loved them, so I guess the unusual torture was worth it?

Close up of the shoes, bag, and the feather clip I made to match with the shoes.

lol, my nails and ring were matching too.


Thanks for looking! :)

Karaoke on a Sunday - Some of favourite outfits from the past. (Part 2)

A night of singing in our own key. Now that was fun, going to Ocean Park on Sundays, and all the best and worst singers would gather to belt out their favorite tunes. Too bad they closed down so quickly. I did not wear much with this dress, some leggings, and some gladiator styled heels.I was quite content to accessorize with just the thick gold cuff bangle. PS Looking back I should have tied the sash in the back, but I thought it was cute in the front.

 I wish I had a better photo of the shoes.These were expensive and looked lovely..but the felt very uncomfortable.

Simple smoky eye look, and that's about it.

Dress: K&D
Shoes: Aerosoles Gladiator Heels
Bangle: Diamond Girl
Eye Makeup: 120 Palette

Beach Party - Some of favourite outfits from the past. (Part 1)

Hey, welcome everyone. This is my first post and I decided I wanted to share a few of my favorite OOTD's (Outfits Of The Day) with you. When I think of my style, what comes to mind is just simple, natural and easy. I love accessories and I love to match and contrast, but I usually downplay on one of these things so as not to outshine my outfits. My style has changed throughout the year...and I don't really follow trends..what ever feels like me  at that point, is what I will wear.. I can still remember when I thought I was the hottest thing around in a snug tank top, and MC hammer baggy jeans..ah those were the days. I progressed to goth inspired fashion. Mind you everything had to be black, or have studs and skulls. Even though I have gone past that..I still have to add a little edge to my now colorful wardrobe.

What I wore an old years night at Hilton Beach...yup..dressed up to go run around in sand :D.. I loved the outfit..the flash from the camera made the dress look see through, but it's actually quite opaque. The dress came from a store here in Barbados.

  The next photos just show close up's of my makeup  . I only started dabbling with makeup around this time, and the whole eye look was done using the 120 Manly Palette, foundation was Mary 600, and the lipstick was some cheap drug store brand a neutral brown color probably jordana.

As for the nails..they were a first too. I never had long nails..but that could be because I am a nervous biter. They have grown so much since be chopped off..again and again..