Friday, May 20, 2011

Beach Party - Some of favourite outfits from the past. (Part 1)

Hey, welcome everyone. This is my first post and I decided I wanted to share a few of my favorite OOTD's (Outfits Of The Day) with you. When I think of my style, what comes to mind is just simple, natural and easy. I love accessories and I love to match and contrast, but I usually downplay on one of these things so as not to outshine my outfits. My style has changed throughout the year...and I don't really follow trends..what ever feels like me  at that point, is what I will wear.. I can still remember when I thought I was the hottest thing around in a snug tank top, and MC hammer baggy jeans..ah those were the days. I progressed to goth inspired fashion. Mind you everything had to be black, or have studs and skulls. Even though I have gone past that..I still have to add a little edge to my now colorful wardrobe.

What I wore an old years night at Hilton Beach...yup..dressed up to go run around in sand :D.. I loved the outfit..the flash from the camera made the dress look see through, but it's actually quite opaque. The dress came from a store here in Barbados.

  The next photos just show close up's of my makeup  . I only started dabbling with makeup around this time, and the whole eye look was done using the 120 Manly Palette, foundation was Mary 600, and the lipstick was some cheap drug store brand a neutral brown color probably jordana.

As for the nails..they were a first too. I never had long nails..but that could be because I am a nervous biter. They have grown so much since be chopped off..again and again..

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