Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Animekon 2011 was epic (Gothic Lolita Doll and Madara)

This event just finished, and I am already thinking about what will happen next year. Animekon is a new pop culture convention that is now in it's second yea in Barbados. Everyone who loves Japanese animations, cartoons, science fiction novels, action movies, video games etc made an appearance at this event. They had a whole range of art work which was very impressive and my friend Ian won for his "Angel of Death" depiction . There was a panel discussion with  Eddie Berganza from DC comics and Industrial Light and Magic (the special effect team in such movies as Transformers). They even had some old school Mario Kart and Street Fighter on super nintendo lol, and people enjoyed themselves on stage dancing to X box kinect. The real event I was looking forward to, was the cosplay competition which we were preparing for. Unfortunately we got there too late to sign up, as they only had 15 spots available and so my bf was unable to enter the competition.  I went as a Gothic Lolita Doll, and he went as "Madara" from the anime Naruto. We put together everything within a few days, so it was a rush down to the very last minute lol. I felt so proud of how his costume came out especially since it was made head to toe from scratch..well except the eyes of course.

Well on to the pics : ) as usual the batteries just died out before we were able to get pics of some of the other cosplayers, but I will see if I can get some from a friend and post later.

Now I will never cut bangs in my actual hair again after the last disaster a few years ago by my hairdresser. I hated them and it seemed like it took forever to grow out. I came across this cute wig, and figured it would look cute with bags, so after watching tutorial on youtube, this was the final verdict. I did not bother putting in pink temporary hair spray  and  I did not want to deal with how weird it felt against my skin and in my face when I was not feeling well, so I wore it to the convention in a bun.

Do I look hypnotized?

and just for fun

Thanks for looking.