Wednesday, June 22, 2011

G21 Blue Spotty Dress

I wanted this dress for a few months and was finally able to get it. I had actually preferred the same styled dress with the pink leopard pattern, but nonetheless I like this very much as well. I find peplum dresses so flattering on almost any shape, but will shall see if this dress from fits into that category. Now the dress is a snug little number that runs mid thigh length, and the material is alot thinner than I thought, so I am thinking of pairing with leggings, but what about a pop of another color? I was thinking of red, but that reminded me too much of superman. What other colors could I wear with this dress besides black and blue?

Btw, does anyone know how to go about making a collage of pictures like you see in magazines with the clothing, shoes and jewelry?

Thanks for looking : )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stark Whiteness Dress - Everything doesn't suit you.

Today's outfit is not one of my favorites I confess. I bought this white dress last year from forever21, and had never gotten around to wearing it since I am afraid of white and there was never an appropriate occasion. I figured I would give it a wear this time around. It came with a thin white belt but I did not like how snug that was and it lifted the already short dress abit higher than I felt comfortable with. I decided to add abit of color to the stark whiteness and used a purple belt, purple flower earrings and purple plaid headband to do this. The dress is cute, but I just felt like this one was "not me". I am sure someone else could rock this and make it look just lovely, but I just felt uncomfortable with the fit and look of it .Maybe I'm just not suited to primarily white outfits...

Dress: forever21
Shoes: Kmart
Headband: Torrid
Earrings: Store in Barbados
Necklace& Bangle: Store in Barbados

Thank you for looking.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Classic Black and White

You can't imagine how good it felt to finally go out and sing. I have been sick for so long, and even though I am not 100 percent yet, to be able to go out and sing lifted my mood so much. I ended up singing one of my favorite songs "Listen" by Beyonce, and trying "ET" and "Whip My Hair" for the first time. Let's just say I'll never be trying Whip My Hair again...I sounded aweful lol. I had my outfit all planned out , but ended up changing my mind, and going for the more toned down skinny jeans and a black and white animal print top with cut out sleeves. I just threw on the only pair of white earrings I could find, even though they did not match lol (note to self buy some white/silver earrings)

Here is also a back profile photo of what the top  looks like pulled down long like a tunic. I was just trying it on the first time a couple months back when I first got it.
 The Spiked bracelet and huge owl ring I wore (on separate hands ofcourse :D).


Top: 121Avenue
Skinny Jeans: Torrid
Ring: Forever21
Earrings/Spiked Bangle: Store in Barbados
Eyeshadow: 120 Palette
Thanks for Looking :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

OIL CLEANSING - Miracle Treatment for Acne Prone and Oily Skin

Throughout my life, I have suffered from moderate to severe acne, and as everyone who has experienced this knows, this can be a time when we feel much insecurity. Not only did I have acne prone skin, but that was coupled with oily skin and medications which exasperated the problem. It was only after coming into my 20's that this problem has greatly reduced..sadly they have left traces of their former existence, but it's such an improvement I really can't complain.

Oil cleansing has been one of the four main contributors to this improvement. It's rather simple actually and it makes sense. Oil cleansing is a double action treatment, it cleans your skin while moisturizing, which is vital to keeping skin supple and glowing, while slowing down the formation of wrinkles. Our skin produces natural oils called sebum, we need oil, but some people have overactive oil secretions, which lead to "greasy" looking skin.

Huh..why put oil on skin that is already oily?
This is the funny part. Contrary to popular belief, using harsh soaps and chemicals on your face, that strip away all moisture ,leaving it  completely dry are bad bad bad (lol).
 The fact is, oil cancels out oil, so massaging these oils onto your face will remove the excess oil on the surface, clearing pores, while still managing to moisturize and heal.
When doing oil cleansing there are two oils I would recommend, " Olive Oil and Castor Oil." I use equal amounts of both are store in a tinted sealed bottle away from sunlight , which reduces the potency.

How do you use it?
I shake the mixture first of all, and pour about quarter (25 cents) amount into my palm. I then rub this over my entire face and massage gently, but firmly over problem areas for a few minutes, the longer the better. After this I soak a wash cloth with hot water (not steaming!) squeeze out the excess, and let it rest on my face until it cools. This is repeated about 2 to 3 times and then I wipe my face gently with the wash cloth. Since I began this method I have edited to fit into my new routine incorporating black soap. Instead of using the wash cloth, I just wash my face twice with black soap (but that's another blog post on the benefits of black soap)

This method also completely removes all makeup, including waterproof products (but that's also another blog post :)

This website OCM  provides great information about the Oil Cleansing Method.

Thanks for looking

Friday, June 3, 2011

JOHN the LEGEND! Outfit of the Night

I attended the first and hopefully not last John Legend Concert in Barbados a little while back. The concert was amazing, from the beautifully dressed gymnasium full of people, to the backup dancers/singers and entertainment. I was not feeling very well that night, in fact I felt terrible, but after popping some meds down my throat and putting on a good face, I decided to venture out. I got there late unfortunately and missed quite abit of Masala 7's performance while waiting in the long line outside. I wondered who were these people singing Lady Antebellum's "I need you now"?. They sound really really good, I thought to myself. It wasn't until I finally got inside that I realized just how good they were. Barbados has talent, that's no doubt and Internationally worthy talent at that.

 After Masala 7 left the stage, there was a short intermission of about 20 - 30 minutes while the stage equipment and instruments were set up. I was just about to get up and go to the bathroom when John suddenly walked out on the stage and the crowd started to scream. Now what can I say about John Legend. Handsome, check. Smooth Sexy vocals..oh yes indeed. Not only did John look the part in slim fitting pants, black skinny tee shirt coupled with a gray vest, but his singing and performance really moved me. I knew many of the songs, and everyone sang along to the popular songs "Ordinary People" and "Everybody Knows", and many of them I also heard for the very first time, but every single one was good.  Now I could not sing along like everyone else since I lost my voice and be jumping up and down like they were, but I enjoyed myself immensely. I can still hear that song "Good morning...good morning love" in my head.

Oh what a night.

The "warm" outfit I wore that night.

I did not get many pictures that night unfortunately, and the camera had a mind of it's own.

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super BB cream on Black/Dark/Tanned skin

So..all of my friends who know me personally, know how much I love Korean dramas. Therefore it is not surprising that I am also a fan of their jewelry and beauty products. Now I have been hearing about BB cream for over a year now and even though it is marketed for very fair white skin (i.e Korean girls), I figured I could work some magic and get it to work. BB cream is all the rage in asian countries right now, especially in Korea. It is praised as a triple action sunscreen,foundation,whitener. I'm not looking for it to change my complexion, but if it can fade my acne scars..Yeahh!

When I received the bottle, first thing I had to do was verify it's authenticity, just to make sure I was not getting a counterfeit version, and yup it's real!

The packaging is so cute, and fairly sturdy so I am sure if I drop it everything should be fine. The product itself is very  soft creamy and extremely easy to blend. I tested it as soon as I got it, and one press of the bump gave a nice pea sized amount. The cream was a off white color with a slight grey tint, and I feared I would look quite ashen and sickly, but alas it blended in fairly nicely to my skin, but did appear 'brighter'?. The next time around I tried mixing equal parts with Revlon Colorstay foundation in Cappuccino. Now I love this foundation, but the color is abit dark and red for my skin, so I figured why not mix with this. Well the result was an almost identical match to my skin, and it gave me an extremely dewy appearance. It was cute, but I think the dewy finish looks better on people with flawless skin without acne scarring so I dusted a little of Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish  over it.

I am going to test it out for a week and review with photos later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it softens and generally  improves the look of my skin.

There are other BB creams out there, some darker than others, but all are usually within the beige range, so anyone darker than a Mac NC 45/ NW 45, or Nutmeg in Black opal will need to mix with a foundation to avoid a gray cast.

Thanks for looking :)