Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inexpensive Makeup for a high end look - Profusion Palettes US$1.50

I love a bargain as much, or perhaps even more than most people. It can be unusual pencils, pieces of fabric and even makeup. That brings us to my little review today. I picked up 2 mini shimmer palettes from the 3 DOLLAR STORE here in Barbados awhile back, and I am finally getting around to reviewing them. These little babies cost only BDS $3.00 (US$1.50) and are worth every penny and more. I love every single eyeshadow and each of them are very pigmented and with a primer even more beautiful. They have fairly smooth textures, apply smoothly and they lasted for the 6 hours I tried them out for. Primers, primers, I cannot stress enough how the most inexpensive eyeshadow that you might throw away will pop with the right primer. Btw all swatches were done on bare dry skin with no primer. Oh yeah and the blushes are aweful and so are the brushes...they can be used to crafts instead of throwing away.

Anyhow onto the pics.

 Sniff...somehow one got broken.

This is the "Profusion 10 color eyeshadow" palette. Colors are shimmery and more beautiful in person.
Top row shades: Pearly White, Orange, Golden Yellow, Deep Beige,Golden Brown
Bottom row shades: Rusty Pink,Pale Pastel Pink, Pale Olive green, Rick Cappuccino Brown, Light Brown

Swatches, I love the top row especially and the rusty pink in the bottom row.

This is the "Profusion Sheer Eyeshadow & Pearl Eyeshadow and Blush" Palette.
Top Row Shades: Dark Brown, Vanilla, 2 blushes (aweful), Deep Golden Orange, Moss Green
Bottom Row Shades: Gold, Copper, the same blushes again, Ivory, Silvery  Olive Green.
The shades are all beautiful swatched  on my bare skin. The blushes are utterly useless and appear ashy and are very powdery.

Final Verdict - I love it and for the price you can't beat it. I hope this helps someone and soon I will post a photo of some shades applied.

Thanks for looking and see you again soon.

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