Sunday, October 9, 2011

La Femme Blushes! So Long Mac and Nars, we have a winner.

What can I say about La Femme Blushes that have not already been said?

They are simply Amazing!! The collection offers almost 50 different shades of blushes to choose from, and the super pigmentation and quantity (5.5 grams) you get get for the mere price of US$2.50 (BDS$5.00) is utterly rediculous (but in a good way hahah).
 I bought 10 of these shades and every one of these is flattering and shows up nicely on my dark (Revlon Colorstay- Caramel, Mac NC50) skin. My only regret is that Russet, Peach and Bordeaux were out of stock at the time I made my purchase.

Even better? They can be used as eyeshadows, which was the whole point of me purchasing the red blush to try out as an eyeshadow.

The top Row:  Orange, Coral, Golden Sunset, Peach Sparkle, Red
Bottom Row: Magenta, Purple Passion, Plum Passion, Cinnabar, Sienna

These have soft silky textures: Peach Sparkle, Purple Passion, Plum Passion, Cinnabar and Peach.
The other shades have have a slightly grainier texture.

The colors displayed in the photo are fairly accurate to the real shade. Each blush lightly swatched (look at that color payoff) on dry skin, without the aid of primers. Magenta, Red and Purple Passion were the most highly pigmented blushes and need to applied very lightly when using.
Sienna ,Cinnabar and peach sparkle are my favorites and can be worn daily for a completely natural glow.

These blushes can be purchased here .

Thank you for looking, and check back soon. Next topic will show 2 of these blushes applied in a celebrity inspired look.

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